How to Choose a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Florida

So what should you look for in a bicycle injury attorney?

A lot of lawyers advertise that they handle cycling accident cases. But to get a true picture, ask if any of them are actually cyclists who ride the same roads you do. Ask if they have the experience of representing cyclists over many years as a primary part of their practice. You would probably be shocked at the answers. 

Handling a Bicycle Accident Claim

I can tell you that I’m a long-time cyclist who rides several times a week on the very roads that my clients ride: the same two- and four-lane streets in light and heavy traffic, with and without dedicated bike lanes. I understand the unique issues that occur in bicycle injury cases. The principal part of our practice at Jim Dodson Law is representing cyclists, and we represent them all across Florida. In these cases we’ve seen so many instances when an adjuster has wanted to defend their driver by taking a position that we can clearly refute simply by referencing my personal experience as a cyclist, as someone who knows that it could not and should not have happened the way it did. Many times I’ve been able to change the mind of an adjuster by simply explaining how cycling works and what it means to be on a bike when a car hits someone or approaches the cyclist in a dangerous way and causes injury. So there’s a big difference between someone who advertises that they do cycling cases and someone who actually is a cycling lawyer. I can tell you that in talking to countless cyclists across Florida for many years, the number one thing they tell me is, “I am so happy to have someone who’s a cyclist, someone who understands exactly how this happened, understands my exact situation, why I ride, and what it has cost me to lose my bike, the ability to ride, and to have the injuries I am dealing with that are keeping me off my bike even temporarily.”

Tips on Choosing the Right Bicycle Injury Attorney for Your Claim

You will also need a cycling attorney who has great communication skills, is comfortable with trial procedure, has considerable analytical and negotiation skills, and who has taken on claims resulting in large and just settlement payouts for clients. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing successfully for the past twenty-five years as a Florida personal injury attorney. Because I’ve always loved the sport of cycling and been an enthusiastic participant—with its great joys and health benefits—I want to see that my clients are aware of any and all legal tips that will help their cases. Together we will cover every base, from the evidence and reports obtained at the accident scene to careful documentation about the steps to take with medical providers and insurance companies. So my advice is to find and work with someone who’s an expert bicycle injury attorney, someone who actually does the specific work, who knows it inside and out, and who will have your back all through the process.

Jim Dodson is a committed cyclist and a 25-year experienced personal injury lawyer. He has a special passion for helping Florida cyclists. If you have been injured in a cycling crash, regardless of where you are in Florida, let him handle the legal issues. You can be free from worry, get fair compensation, and have your bike replaced as soon as possible. Our phones are open to you 24/7. Call any time of the day or night to get your questions answered. 844-510-0530


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