Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer If You Have Had a Bicycle Accident?

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Many advertising lawyers claim to take bicycle injury cases. Some legal practices with large advertising budgets simply throw a wide marketing net out on the web to capture clients. It’s usually only a few who have extensive experience with bicycle accident cases at all. The majority of their clients are mostly car crash cases.

If you look at most ads, you’ll see how broad their net is: dog bites and animal attacks; workplace liability accidents (slip and fall, negligent security issues); broken or defective staircases; product defect injuries, medical malpractice, whiplash; nursing home abuse cases; workplace injuries; theme park accidents; and even wrongful death cases.

There are, however, important advantages to hiring a personal injury attorney who specializes in bicycle accident cases—someone who is an active, experienced cyclist. A person who rides regularly and knows the dangers cyclists face every day and who is not only an experienced bicycle injury attorney but is well-versed in bike safety and the latest cycling technology.

Such an attorney understands why cyclists ride solo or in groups and the real world implications of riding in a pace line. A cycling bicycle accident attorney knows just how dangerous it can be for cyclists to cross one or two lanes of traffic in order to make a left turn at an intersection. And why cyclists ultimately must rely on drivers to see them, slow their vehicles appropriately, and allow for safe egress.

Anyone, however, searching for a lawyer after experiencing a bicycle crash should consider the following factors:

Work with a Lawyer Who’s an Active Cyclist

This choice can make all the difference in how a settlement is achieved. The advantage of working with a lawyer who’s also an active cyclist means that he or she understands the joy and passion that compel riders to get on their bikes every day. Riding 50, 100, or even 150 miles a week or more is not unusual for serious cyclists. It’s as important to them as their relationships, their health, and their overall satisfaction with life. Losing the ability to ride—either temporarily or permanently—can have devastating consequences. Who better understands that than a fellow dedicated cyclist who has worked with hundreds and hundreds of injured riders?

Measure the Lawyer’s Commitment Level

Helping an injured cyclist achieve just compensation takes deep commitment. Feeling comfortable about working with a lawyer when you’ve had a bicycle crash involves a level of trust. That trust develops naturally when the lawyer has extensive cycling experience and knowledge about all aspects surrounding bike cases. Insurance companies can tell right away a lawyer’s level of passion and commitment to their client.

Deal with a Lawyer Who Understands Bike Repairs and the Cost of Replacement

When a bike hits the ground at eighteen miles per hour and no obvious structural damage is initially assessed, what do you do? If your lawyer is a cyclist who understands the dynamics of a crash (especially if the bike has a carbon frame), he or she would know, in most situations, that the bike frame should be replaced, how to get it done, the questions to ask, and the proof to obtain to have a bicycle and vital bicycle gear (shoes, helmet, computer, etc.) replaced. Getting a bike replaced when it is in multiple pieces is one thing. Knowing how to handle all the other damage situations requires even more experience.

Find a Lawyer Who’s an Expert in Concussion and Post-traumatic Arthritis Joint Injury Cases

In bicycle crashes concussion is one of the most common injuries. So it’s essential to find and work with a lawyer who understands the complexities of concussion and its potential effect on the injured person’s life. Knowledge of the medicine about concussions, the reports needed, and the treatment options is essential. A cycling lawyer who’s worked with hundreds of concussion cases can explain those consequences in clear and compelling language to any insurance adjuster. Since concussions tend to be more serious than whiplash injuries, a higher dollar value can be assigned to the victim suffering from the full impact of that injury.

Also, many bicycle crash injuries will involve the effects of post-traumatic arthritis in a joint that can be long-term, extremely debilitating, and affect overall quality of life. An experienced cycling attorney will know how to talk to your doctor about these issues which may not even be mentioned in your individual record. This attorney will also know the questions to ask and how to work with your doctor to get their opinion about future treatment, limitations, and medical requirements.

Look for a Great Communicator with Successful Trial Experience

A bike accident victim needs a cycling attorney who has great communication skills, is comfortable with trial procedure, who has considerable analytical and negotiation skills, and who has taken on claims resulting in large and just settlement payouts for clients.

That’s exactly what Jim Dodson has been doing for his clients for the past twenty-five years as a Florida personal injury attorney. Over the past decade he has focused on bicycle injury cases. And he’s assembled an amazing team of professionals dedicated to helping injured cyclists. 

Jim’s clients know they will be receiving the help of Jim and his entire bicycle injury team, each of whom is committed to maximizing the compensation each client deserves. Their goal is to help each client return to the enjoyment of the sport they love as quickly as possible.

Jim Dodson is a committed cyclist and a 25-year experienced personal injury lawyer. He has a special passion for helping Florida cyclists. If you have been injured in a cycling crash, regardless of where you are in Florida, let him handle the legal issues. You can be free from worry, get fair compensation, and have your bike replaced as soon as possible. Our phones are open to you 24/7. Call any time of the day or night to get your questions answered. 844-510-0530


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